Can electronic cigarette help you to have a better sex life

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If you’re reading a lot about the effects of nicotine on your sex life, then you might rule out the e cigarette altogether. Nicotine does reduce the sex drive a bit, but the amount of nicotine can matter a lot. E cigarette has a slight difference in the nicotine amount. Every drag that you get over an E-Cig has less amount of nicotine as compared to the regular tobacco cigarettes.

According to a survey conducted by Dr. Murray Laugeson; a single puff from an e-cigarette is almost 10% less than that of a regular smoke. So, it is safe to say that the amount of nicotine from these cigarettes is not sufficient to cause impotence.

Maybe, if you switch to e-cigarettes, there is a better chance of avoiding this condition altogether. Remember, we are talking about the extraction of all the unnecessary materials from the smoke. There is no chemical compounds except nicotine involved so you breath better, you feel better, your circulation gets better and you end up pretty much healthier that you are with a tobacco cigarette.

It’s not for sure how vaping would influence sex life, but we conducted some surveys that don’t lie. To improve your condition still, try exercising, weight training is the best since it helps in the production of testosterone and keeps your muscles active.

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