What Quran says About The Djinn

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From Quran reading, we come to know that the Jinn are present, and they are also one of Allah’s creations, like human beings and angels. The djinn are actually genies, jinn, jnun and these terms means “the hidden.” In the holy Quran, Sura 72, called the Al-Jinn, is completely about djinn.

Shaitan was once known as Iblis, a djinn and he was very obedient to Allah. However, when Almighty Allah commanded Iblis to bow to Adam, he actually refused to bow to Adam and refused the Allah’s Command and after that Allah throw out the Iblis from the heaven. This story is also familiar in followers of the Bible as a fallen angel. However, it is the belief of the Muslims that angels are unable of breaking the rules, and like human the djinn have free will, they are able to disobey.

The djinn are actually older than human beings, As a Muslim we believe that Almighty Allah made us from the clay and angels from light, and the djinn from the fire. Quran says: “We created the djinn before, from the fire of hot wind.” [15:26-27].

Like human they are born, get married, bear children, interact, they also commit sin. There are also many djinn that are not evil, many djinns are really intelligent. The lifetime of the djinn is longer than us but they also die like us. We think that they are blue and bald and they look horrible but it is not necessarily that they are in this form.

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